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Monthly Specials

Mothers Day Special!

"The Heavenly Lymphatic  Hawaiian Detox"

Organic Green Tea and  Botanical  Hawaiian 

10 Basalt stone Massage w/ 15 minute Ionic Foot Detox 

Indulge in a healthy way to have Heavenly "Organic" Botanicals in  warmed  healing oils and  soothing Hawaiian Basalt stones gliding over you in a most pampering treatment ! 

                                                                                 60 Minutes  with 15 Min Ionic Foot detox  $135 

                                                                                                     ( 75 Minutes Total) 


Just what your skin and body ordered!!! Your amazing heavenly experience begins  being treated to a soothing experience of healing on our amazing warmed cushioned bedding Mat infused with  botanical soothing aromas, aiding in comfort, with a wonderful session of relaxing healing therapy, targeted to your areas of discomfort. Then followed by a heavenly Swedish Massage with warmed Organic  body oils gently applied to a soothing touch. This will melt away your days thoughts as the warmed  oil glides over your skin following with warmed soothing Hawaiian basalt stones gliding over and soothing  tension  areas on your Back Neck and arms. Your amazing treatment ends with warmed organic Green Tea and Coconut Oils gently massaged into tired achy feet and moist towels infused with Lemongrass wrapping your feet in total bliss!


Dropper Bottle

50 Minute Anti Aging Facelift 

with Hyaluronic Chamomile  Collagen Vit E Mask

You'll be pampered with this amazing face treatment as 7 massage techniques will be used moving lymphatic fluid, removing toxins and lifting muscles of the face all the while leaving a tightened glowing finish.  

50 Minutes  $110.00

Add Orchid  or Orange Plant Stem cells for $20.00


"The  Organic Pampered  feet" 

Hawaiian Basalt  Hot Stone Reflexology & heavenly foot massage  

finishing with soothing warned Organic GreenTea and Coconut detox foot wraps 


50 Minutes  $110

What to expect In an Foot pampering  session:

  You will feel amazing as we finish this treatment as  warmed basalt stones and warmed  Organic Oils  are massaged over tired achy achy feet and calves.. leaving you soothed and comforted....Your amazing treatment ends with warmed Organic Green Tea Oils  gently massaged into tired achy feet and moist towels infused with  Green Tea and Coconut oils    wrapping your feet in total bliss!
This amazing treatment transmits energy from therapist to client, aiding in the proper and healthful flow of energy. Plus, the specific hand massage techniques relax the muscles, so tension is eased, and the mind becomes at peace.
Add to all of this the benefits of aromatherapy. The Aroma massage oils smell heavenly and can bring calm and relaxation. Many clients fall asleep and enjoy a restful slumber for the duration of the treatment. 
Reflexology  foot massage  is a heavenly  technique that is a relaxing method of applying   therapeutic grade essential oils topically   combining  them with amazing  massage techniques  to produce a profound whole-body experience sending messages via the meridians to the organs . . many benefits of the Reflexology Organic Nutrients and Oils   include: stress management, immune support , and support of your body's autonomic balance. This amazing treatment enhances Nutritive  oils activity and stimulates known body meridians and energy zones, while balancing body systems and function. 

Anyone can benefit from this powerful technique, though some may be more sensitive to Those who might experience the most profound results are people in a highly stressed state, or those experiencing chronic pain from illnesses such as Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Back Pain, etc.

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