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Rosemary Cosmetics

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We offer many   heavenly healing modalities  in your private oasis of healing space, to help guide  you to your healing path.  These treatments are merely the conduit to help you heal yourself.

All  Massage treatments include Hot Hawaiian  basalt stones  Organic  Botanical infused Oils, Most made here in our apothecary along with warmed  healing towels for your feet infused with  Aromatherapy and Botanicals.


We offer Custom Apothecary, Tinctures and topical oils with  an abundance of vitamins and nutrients on premises.  

We offer Pain Management and  healing Linaments In all our treatments 

Please Note Gift cards and Packages are Non- Refundable 


Craniosacral Therapy

Anti Cellulite Cupping  
Lymphatic Cupping
Scar mending/Cupping    
Cold Laser  
Trigger Point Therapy  
Bio Mat Therapy    
Hot Stone-Reflexology
Tuning Fork  Therapy Healing
    add-ons: $20 per 15 min  
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