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Marlene Hanusa is The"Only" therapist on Long Island  
trained by the London
Center of Champissage offering this amazing and unique
Ayurvedic European modality!

Proven effective and longer lasting than laser therapy. Mehta Facelift is a specialized feel and training.

Hands on therapy  brings a specific focused  Intended energy energy work and healing to areas needed




50 min   $115       70 min   $138                                           

Package: Pre pay 3 treatments get 4th free

50 min  $345.00    (save $115.00)

70 Min  $414.00    (save $138.00)

Our exclusive Anti-ageing   




                2 Oz. $35           4 Oz. $70





About Ayurvedic Mehta Natural Facelift Massage


The Ayurvedic Mehta Natural Facelift Massage is a noninvasive and safe way to look younger as well as to restore your skin’s youthfulness and vibrancy.

This specialized facial rejuvenation technique is the first of its kind available in the United States after its creation and development at the London Center of Indian Champissage™ International.

A gentle non- invasive non- surgical approach to looking younger. This is a specialized Natural Facelift modality Only taught by the London Center of Champissage, discovered by the wonderful Narendra Mehta, brought from overseas London,

to now us in the Westhampton area. We are offering this amazing treatment for you!!!


This treatment is more perfected and more effective than Laser therapy, which is a temporary treatment, which only targets  few facial muscles.


How the Facelift Massage Works



The Ayurvedic Mehta Natural Facelift Massage utilizes palms, fingers, and the pads of the thumb.  No oil or lotions are used.

We gently apply a series of 7 specialized natural and safe facial massage muscle energy techniques with facial anti-ageing Accupressure points, incorporated with gentle blissful movements.


Along with those techniques, a series warmed moist towels and warmed  healing facial Basalt Stones will ease your facial muscles back to where they should feel...heavenly, more youthful, and relaxed, all the while diminishing wrinkles, fine lines, saggy skin, and facial imperfections.


Circular movements free constrictions within the facial muscles allowing the muscles to relax, giving a more youthful appearance. Sweeping techniques act as a gentle exfoliating treatment encouraging dead skin cells to slough off, revealing new skin cells and creating a fresher complexion.

Lymphatic drainage techniques encourage lymph circulation and aids in the removal of toxins.  Skin is left hydrated and glowing.

Lifting and stimulating techniques tone the connective tissue, leaving you with a lifted appearance and diminished wrinkles.  Stimulation to acupuncture and pulse points bring energy and nutrients to the skin resulting in a rested and refreshed look.


There are over 90 muscles in the face and a regular Natural Facelift Massage can keep them toned and youthful, helping to totally transform skin tone and condition.

As it is known that muscles have memory, this treatment re-teaches and re-conditions the muscles in your face and neck regions to the memory they had.


Your skin will look radiant and glowing as we finalize your amazing Natural Facelift massage with our own

Anti-Ageing European formula of Hyaluronic Acid Serum, ingredients including Antioxidants, and vitamins C& E.






  • Visibly reduces wrinkles, crow’s feet and laugh lines

  • Reduces under eye bags and puffiness

  • Tones and firms facial muscles

  • Tightens facial contours

  • Improves skin tone

  • Hydrates and softens the skin

  • Refines pores

  • Increases elimination of toxins

  • Enhances supply of nutrients to the skin

  • Promotes better blood and lymph circulation

  • Frees constriction in connective tissue and facial muscles

  • Promotes a more youthful appearance

  • Generates a glowing look for days

  • Relieves stress related symptoms such as headache, eye strain and insomnia



What Causes Skin To Age?

Your skin is comprised of connective tissue known as collagen and elastic fibers.

Collagen gives strength and suppleness to the skin and elastic fibers increase the strength and flexibility.  Together they both give skin structure and suppleness.

As time passes the strength and resilience of the fibers decrease, as well as the numbers of fibers. The fibers may break or develop cross-links, which can lead to shapeless dense tangles and may block the flow of fluids to the skin reducing its suppleness.

Elastic fibers can clump, fray and shrink causing skin to become dehydrated.

Years of habitual expression can cause the connective tissue to become glued to the surrounding muscles and bones, making you look drawn and tight.

The Mehta Natural Facelift Massage™can help turn back time leaving you younger looking and rejuvenated.