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                           Ionic Therapy


                                                      20 min $39     45 min $59

                           NATURAL STONE HEATING THERAPY


                                         NEGATIVE ION THERAPY

        w/ (Complimentary Energy clearing with Sage or Palo Santo)  



What is a hot healing stone treatment like?

Since hot stone therapy aims to provide peace and relaxation, it is best experienced in a quiet space or with soft music playing. This allows the recipient to focus deep within and release all stress and tension. Often, recipients go into a meditative state or fall asleep. Deep sleep is a restorative state during which the body can perform healing processes. The heat of the stones, the relaxation of the muscles, and the sense of release combine to send the body into a restorative mode. 




1. Improves blood circulation and cell metabolism.
2. Reduces pain and strengthens the immune system.
3. Helps relieve insomnia.
4. Provides a sauna effect ,burning up to 900 calories per hour.
5. Eases inflammation and stiffness.
6. Helps alleviate stress, improve mood, and provide a sense of well-being.

7. Helps cells process waste and remove toxins faster.
8. Helps rejuvenate and revitalize the body’s cells, tissues, and systems.
Counteracts the effects of static electricity and EMF radiation.

10.Provides relief from symptoms of acute or chronic illness. 


                             THE TOP TWENTY MOST POPULAR BENEFITS OF                                                                   INDIVIDUAL MAT COMPONENTS


1. Hot stones release heat slowly and steadily, gradually softening sore muscles.

2. Hot stones can put you into a meditative and healing state.
3. Hot stones are deeply relaxing, releasing stress and eliminating tension.
4. FIR heat penetrates deep into your body bones, joints, and tissues.

5. FIR waves may destroy cancer or viral cells and reduce swelling.
6. FIR therapy helps relieve pain and fight infection and disease.
7. Negative ions can alleviate depression.
8. Negative ions can boost cells’ability to use nutrients and remove waste.
9. Negative ions can boost blood flow to the brain and balance the body’s pH by

reducing acidity.
10.Negative ions help counteract EMF radiation from computers and cell phones.

11.Photon therapy increases blood circulation and oxygen flow, and can help with pain

and wound healing.
12.Photon therapy stimulates acupressure points to remove blockages.
13.Photon therapy helps correct imbalances in bio-magnetic energy.
14.Tourmaline improves circulation and supports the exchange of oxygen in the blood. 15.Tourmaline is said to improve the immune, endocrine, and lymphatic systems, heal

insomnia, and stimulate regeneration throughout the body.
16.Regular use of amethyst may reduce stress, anxiety, and cortisol levels.

17.Animals can feel the effects of a 15- to 20-minute session on an amethyst mat.

18.Jade mats may be used without electricity to produce a relaxing coolness.

19.Jade contains many microelements and can help relieve magnesium deficiency. 


What are negative ions?


Ions are particles that contain an electrical charge. When an ion has a negative charge it is referred to as a negative ion. This kind of ion is considered to be essential to healthy cellular functioning. When there is a sufficient amount of negative ions outside and inside the cells, the cells can eliminate waste product and absorb nutrients much more efficiently. When the body is flooded with negative ions, it is enriched at the cellular level. The elimination of oxidants and toxins are also encouraged.



What are far infrared rays?


They are are the portion of the electro-magnetic light spectrum that is close to natural sunlight’s light frequency. However, none of the harmful UV/UVB radiation of sunlight is contained in far infrared. In recent years, the scientific community has been paying a lot of attention to far infrared light’s beneficial properties, although NASA first conducted research on this part of the light spectrum many years ago. Recent studies have suggested that healthy cell tissue production is stimulated by far infrared light, which promotes more complete and faster healing processes. Elimination of toxins and cellular wastes are also encouraged by far infrared therapy. Health practitioners from various disciplines now agree that far infrared technology has beneficial properties.



How are negative ions and far infrared rays delivered to the human body by HealthyLine FIR Mats?


Ion channels are stimulated by HealthyLine FIR Mat by producing negative ions. Healing energy is then delivered to the body’s cells. The HealthyLine FIR Mat’s topmost layer is made of pure amethyst superconducting channels. This allows the negative ions and far infrared rays to penetrate into the body as deep as seven inches.



How is the human body affected by negative ions and far infrared rays?


Negative ions and far infrared rays produce numerous positive effects for the human body. The body’s whole cellular communication system is activated by negative ions by opening up cell channels. This enables nutrients to get through more easily as well as wastes to be eliminated. This purifies the cellular level of the body. Far infrared rays provide stimulation and deep warmth to the whole nervous, endocrine, lymphatic and circulatory systems. This encourages healthy functioning of the body. A healthy lymphatic and circulatory system furnishes the body’s cells with oxygen and nutrients, and also removes cell waste. Our bodies hormonal uptake is regulated by the endocrine system, which controls our reproductive and sexual functions, tissue health and growth and even our moods.



                                                   AIDED BY HEATED STONE MATS

1. Stress and tension
2. Poor blood circulation
3. Back pain or muscle pain,stiffness,or spasms

4. Migraine or tension headaches
5. Depression,anxiety,and insomnia
6. Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue
7. High blood pressure
8. Bronchial asthma/COPD
9. Arthritis
10.Symptoms of chronic illnesses 


What specific symptoms and illnesses can HealthyLine FIR Mats help to alleviate?


The far infrared rays provided by HealthyLine FIR Mat penetrate deep inside and body and also address cellular level imbalances. This means it may be used for treating a wide array of different health problems:


  • Endocrine and lymphatic problems

  • Hormonal imbalances

  • Insomnia, anxiety and tension

  • Immune disorders

  • Oxidant and toxin buildup

  • Cardiovascular problems

  • Circulation problems

  • Pain and stiffness related to age

  • Joint soreness and stiffness

  • Muscle spasms, bursitis, neuralgia and sprains

  • Musculo-skeletal problems and arthritis

  • Inflammation, swelling, stiffness and pain



Can you use HealthyLine FIR Mat during meditation and yoga?


Yes, HealthyLine FIR Mat is the ideal addition to meditation and yoga practice, since it facilitates a soothing and warm environment that facilitates improved serenity and mental peace, increased blood flow which improves mental conditioning and supports delta-state, deep relaxation.



Is it easy to use the HealthyLine FIR Mat?


HealthyLine FIR Mat is a type of certified medical device. However, self-administering calibrated treatment is very easy to do. Its computerized control panel comes with simple instructions and is intuitive to use.



How often should HealthyLine FIR Mat be used?


You can safely use the HealthyLine FIR Mat every day. Using HealthyLine FIR Mat daily or several times per week in fact will help to strengthen your immune system as well keep your body in great shape.



Is it safe for children to use FIR Mat?


Your entire family can safely use HealthyLine FIR Mat, including the elderly, young children and even your pets! The same health benefits are offered by HealthyLine FIR Mat to people of every age, and provide pets with therapeutic value also.



Can I use my  FIR Mat when sleeping?


You can sleep on your HealthyLine FIR Mat for as long as you want, whether it’s all night or a 20-minute nap. Using the BioMat helps with regulating your sleep patterns. It also creates a soothing and warm environment.



How long will take for me to start seeing results from HealthyLine FIR Mat?


Every individual has his or her own unique experience with HealthyLine FIR Mat. Many individuals experience immediate relief from discomfort and pain, and will notice increased vitality and energy levels almost immediately. For other people it could take a couple weeks before its deep-penetrating treatment starts to provide relief from symptoms and bring an overall sense of contentment and well-being.



Who should not receive hot stone Massage therapy?


As a general rule, people who should not receive standard massage therapy, such as children or pregnant women, should not receive hot stone massage therapy. Hot stone massage therapy should not be applied to areas with varicose veins, wounds or open skin infections. It is not appropriate for people who have had bypass surgery, have pacemakers, are using muscle relaxants or blood thinners (such as Coumadin), have a negative reaction to heat, are experiencing menopausal hot flashes, or are very elderly. People in any of these categories should consult a physician and thoroughly discuss the possible effects of this therapy before buying or using this product.
People with certain conditions should use hot stones or heated mats only at low to medium heat (90°-120°F). These conditions include chronic high blood pressure, cancer, lymphodema, cardiac, liver, or kidney disorders, organ transplants, a history of arrhythmia or epilepsy, anorexia, diabetes (exception: type 2 diabetes), osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, chronic muscle fatigue, vasospastic disease, chronic headaches, acute fever, or rheumatoid arthritis. 




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