Owned and operated by

   Marlene Hanusa, LMT, LPN, RMT, Reiki Master Teacher


 We are here to help guide you to a balanced state of being, 
dedicated in serving  you, our client with the utmost professionalism all the while ensuring customized treatments specified to your needs, 
ensuring the state of balance, peace and tranquility..

 Welcome to my healing space 


 Other healing arts

Marlene currently is also practicing as a Certified Reflexologist, certified from from Shen Dao institute, a Ayurvedic Mehta Facelift Massage Therapist  through  Champissage International The London Center of Champissage, A Certified Massage  Cupping Therapist via Ace Massage Cupping Association, 
A Certified Aroma touch Therapist,  a Naturopathic  Aromatherapist,  Energy Medicine Practitioner , and a  Usui Reiki Master level  Practitioner/Teacher, guided by the amazing teachings of Maryann Chirichella, Lauren Matzen, Kathie Lipinski and Cathy Delyra, as the journey continues on...as Marlene is now teaching Reiki classes on weekends. 
Marlene is now incorporating   Naturopathic and Herbology  consolations  and    will be dispensing a  regime of Herbal  medications carried in our office by August. Some new additions to her treatment  regime will be  offering Neuro and Bio Feedback, Kinesiological Muscle release testing,  Medicine Muscle  Release technique and remote testing as well via computer  Zoom visits. 
       She has exceeded on a path to healing others by becoming a part of many higher Healing Art forms. Mentors, collegues, clients and friends, have taken notice of Marlene's healing talents and gifts.

    A Personal Note 

  I have been in the heath care arena for many years, since 1991, beginning as a Personal health aid helping the sick in their homes,  soon after becoming  Licensed Nurse, and holistic healer and teacher of the healing arts.  "Patient teaching, healing and comfort is always a priority."

Through the years, aside from being told by others, I felt, I had a  blessed gifts of healing energies and clairsentience.  Through wonderful support of others, It has been put on my path to learn how take energy healing methods to higher levels. 
Having learned that I was a empath, I researched  many different healing methods, learning about Eastern Philosophy and focused body work, which has a deeper level of healing, Its only intent is on treating you, the person as a whole entity."
I am so greatful to be on this amazing Journey & path,  and moreso for being able to bring comfort to you, and all those who step in to my healing space, from my abilities as a conduit for healing as a "highly intented  Energy worker & healer, Teacher of Reiki, and Massage Therapist Holistic Practitioner.."
Thank you to all who supported me on this journey and share it with me, and thank you to My beloved dad, may he rest in peace, for embedding the idea of Healing Touch and Massage to me as a child. I hear you always in my heart.
                                    "The Universe called and I listened." 
    To you who walk in to my healing space, "Healing intent goes where its needed."
 "I am truely dedicated to  your comfort and healing.." I look Forwards to meeting and treating you. 
                         Namaste~ "The divine in me honors the Divine in you"
Love and Light,
Marlene Hanusa