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52A Old Country Road Westhampton Ny 11977

52A Old Country Road Westhampton Ny 11977

 Tel. 631.872.4921




So glad I came here for a massage. This was by far the most relaxing, comforting, and healing massage I've ever had. Marlene is very loving and compassionate to your needs. Her healing hands truly bring so much energy. Would recommend her by far !!

Dawn  V. D.

Felt Like I was Being taken care of by Angels

John S.   

Never Disappointed. Always feel  well taken care of  by loving hands Thank you- Excellent!!

Sue S.  

Had an excellent experience with Hanusa Massage. Marlene was fabulous. I left there feeling relaxed and pain free. I am definitely going back!

Michelle S.

Marlene your princess hands are full of grace as they are amazingly skilled. I floated off the table.


One of the best massages I've ever had. Marlene is wonderful, environment is so comfortable & relaxing. I loved it so much, I bought the 4 massage special, best thing I've done for myself. I can't say enough positive things about the experience, definitely a must!


You Are truly amazing Marlene!! Never doubt your talents and ability. You are truly a phenomenal practitioner and intuitive healer. You've helped me through a lot physically...working out, being pregnant, postpartum recovery...looing back on the last few years I've known you, you've made a tremendous difference in my life, and I will be forever grateful. <3

Kate K.  

This was one of the finest experiences ever. The atmosphere was beautiful and blissful. I was completely comfortable and found Marlene to be a passionate professional. This is a must buy!!! You will love it. Check out her website to see her complete line of services. I'm going back!

Carol B. 

Marlene is my guardian angel of Health and Relaxation a true blessing  

Kate K. 

Amazing! recommend recommend ! The best massage I have had in years. 
Gifted hands  indeed that isn't found in or by any spa around.
Thank you so very much,

Janice M.

"When you arrive at Hanusa Massage Therapy you are greeted by the diminutive Marlene -  warm  and welcoming. Her spacious suite exudes a tranquility that guides you into the right mindset.There are numerous modalities available. My sessions have included Cranio Sacral Therapy, Ayurvedic Mehta Facelift Massage, Heavenly Relaxation Body Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Reiki and more. Suffice it to say that Marlene and her hands were meant to heal, whether they are working out the knots in your shoulders or relieving the tension in your neck muscles, or running warm, oil-soaked  basalt stones down your back.  You sense her deep understanding of the body and her skill at manipulating it. 
Every movement is purposeful and powerful, when necessary.The Cranio Sacral Therapy and Face Lift Massage were amazing.  My Reiki session revealed her ability to transmit powerful energy that actually pulsated vigorously through my hands. All of my treatments resulted in benefits to me, some of which medication could not help. Marlene is also very knowledgeable regarding natural remedies to supplement treatments for specific conditions. I highly recommend her for any of the modalities she offers."

Krystyna S. 

Absolutely wonderful. Marlene is great and she will leave you feeling relaxed and invigorated at the same time feeling healed and she is just an amazing find.

Olga M.

One of the best massages I've ever had! If you want a wonderful, calming experience this is the place. Will definitely be back!

Sandra F.

A great experience, nice ambience with calm music, salt accents and aromas, Using heated blankets and hot stones allows the body to relax completely, very soothing !.

Nicholas N. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my massage at Hanusa Massage. The space was warm, inviting, and relaxing. The aromatherapy was fantastic. I will definitely look into another massage here and I highly recommend it!

Lorraine W.

Once again amazing! Thank you <3

Sandra F.

Absolutely amazing. Best I've had in 26 years!

Melanie E.

I feel balanced, like I can breath from my pelvis. Such an amazing experience. Your gifted. Thank you! 

Carelle C.

All of the therapies offered at Hanusa Massage are wonderful from the Heavenly Relaxation Massage to the Ayurvedic Facelift, the Cranio-Sacral therapy and Reiki.  Marlene's space is warm and inviting and so is she.  You won't feel rushed but your body will feel transported to another realm.

Krystina S. 

Marlene, thank you so much this was amazing and relaxing! I feel like im floating. I have gotten many massages over the years and by far this Massage I experienced today by you is now one of my favorites. This was the best massage I have gotten to date. I am recommending you to everyone! I will definitely be back! 

Diane A.  

This was one of the best massages I've ever had! Marlene was very attentive to my individual needs and I left feeling relaxed and refreshed! Her space was clean and calming. I would VERY highly recommend Hanusa massage - Marlene is fantastic!

Rose A. 

Nice, relaxing massage. Marlene is pleasant and the space is clean and comfortable.

Deborah B.

This was a great experience! I will most certainly be going back. The space was so tranquil and the massage was great. She used hot stones and great essential oils. I would highly recommend.

Jennifer R. 

Wonderful, soothing, relaxing! Beautiful atmosphere.

Mary A.  

Just had a reiki treatment lying on a bio mat.  I have had constant back problems most of my life and the heated stones of the mat along with Marlene's magical hands eased my body into an extremely wonderful relaxed state and relieved the pains in my back. Thank you so much!! Great experience! Thank you so much.

Eileen B. 

I had the pleasure of having a prenatal massage with Marlene yesterday. I have a high risk pregnancy and I am a little over 5 months along, I can honestly say this is the first time in 5 months I have felt relaxed. Marlene goes out of her way to make you comfortable, her healing presence is undeniable and you can really feel her passion for what she does. I can’t wait to go back! <3 Thank you!

Kacie M. 

A little secret in Westhampton. The most relaxing massage I ever had. A must.

Andrea S. P. 

I loved my massage with Marlene. It was very relaxing and just what I needed. I will definitely be back and recommending her to all my friends. Thanks again!!!

Danya B. 

I forgot where I was ..I Was transported out of my body! 

Kryss R.

Excellent, Thank you. Looking fowards to my next visit! 

Theresa M. June 

I really enjoyed my massage! Thank you Marlene for continuing to call me back!

Sondra W. 

Marlene was amazing. She is a warm, welcoming person with healing hands. I would highly recommend her and will be going back for more sessions.

Rosemary V.


It was a wonderful experience. Marlene is very caring and gentle yet firm where she needed to be. She took her time and I never felt rushed. Her space is clean and well appointed. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for a relaxing rejuvenating experience. Studio was easy to find.

Ann C.

So soothing and Relaxing! Thank you

Terri Y.

Wonderful and peaceful, pleasing to the senses.

Ann C. 


Marlenes massage snaps me out of the perpetual state of business and helps me regain a state of patience and self care.

Kate K.


I feel amazing after my Facelift Massage. Your touch is heavenly and beyond words. I will be back!

Carol Ann D. 


Thank you This massage was Amazing!!

Rose V.  


My heavenly massage with Marlene was fantastic. I had not been feeling well but when I left I felt much, much better. I loved the space too, very calming. Will definitely be back!

Sue S.  


Marlene, That was the most relaxed Ive ever felt. Thank you Thank you


Have gone for many, many massages you are above them all.  Absolutely amazing! <3



Thank you for the fantastic day and your your generous open heart. I look foward to more connections with you.

Amanda O. 


The most humbling soothing ultra fine massage, Thank you.

Jeanette W.S. 


The best Massage I ever had. One of the most knowlegable and knew where it hurts. lol. You are amazing and will be highly reccomended. Thank You.

Robert K. 


Excellent. Thank You.

Sue S. 


Felt Amazing. Didnt want it to end. Very Relaxing and peaceful.

Crystal B. 


So Amazing. First time I relaxed in 5 months. Very Peaceful. Thank You (Prenatal massage)

Kacie M.  


You Brought Me to my Place of Zen. Not easy for me! Thank you.

Kelen C. 


My massage was fabulous!! The environment had great energy, clean, and was fresh smelling. My experience was wonderful and I would highly recommend.

Ellen B.


Just had my massage and I really have no complaints. Place was clean and inviting. Marlene was polite and professional and is good at what she does. I was worried about the spa being in someone's home but after arriving my fears were quelled. Very professional separate space where Marlene does her work. Signs on the road make it easy to find.



One of the best massages I've ever had! If you want a wonderful, calming experience this is the place. Will definitely be back!

Sandra F.


Yes it' wonderful beautiful professional and mostly helpful. Recommend recomend recomend.

Kathleen C.

Transcending. Thank You.

Nancy F. 


Wonderful experience, Super relaxing Thank you <3 <3

Ashley B.


Love you, Thank you!

Heather H.


Thank you, I feel great so relaxed



Amazing Massage, very healing for me

Carol O. 


One of the best massages I ever had. Thank you!

Sandra F. 


Amazing! I will be back. Thank you. 

Denya S. 


Well done! Relaxing and enjoyable. Hot stones are great. Thank you!!

Kenny F.


Thank you Marlene, It was such a wonderful experience.!

Suzanne C. 


Love and Thanks

Mona C.


The Best I ever had!

Tara  D. 


Wonderfully relaxing, nice extras! Thank you



Just what I needed Thank you!

Jackie C.  


A wonderful first  Massage experience. Thank you so much!

Tenae W. 


Very relaxing. Thank you.

Hayden C. 


My only complaint is that its over!

Michelle B.


Thank you so much. Incredibly relaxing

Michelle C. 


Feelings of gratitude and blessings! I thank you & my body thanks you! xox

John S.


Thank you Marlene for the excellent Facelift Massage no more stress or tension.

Terry Y. 


Awesome!! Thank you your amazing!

Ellen P.


Marlene, Thank you for your incredible healing work. Your Light Makes my world brighter.

Kate K. 


Very Skilled Technique. Thank you for the Escape from stress.

Mat M. 


Traveled somewhere warm and healing where I was allowed to be still. Thank you 

Mona  C. 


Amazing, and much needed. Perfect Thank you. 



Thank you for a terrific Massage!

Joni  L. 


Marlene, thank you so very much for the wonderful relaxing massage Treatment.

Michelle D. 


Relaxing and wonderful atmosphere..will be back


It was the best massage I ever had

John P. 


Thank you so much for such a fabulous experience 

Cynthia P.

Wonderful, Thank you








dans best .jpg

Thank you to all my amazing clients, who have walked into my healing space.  Whom  I'm not only grateful for,  you all  have allowed me to do what I love.  I 'm so honored to have treated all.  

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